Hi !

I'm Jo-Mako.

The goal of this website is simple. I present to you a quick tutorial on the different methods to learn japanese, and provide resources and content to help you do just that.

Whatever your goal or method is, I've gathered material that I hope you can find useful, regardless of your level.
I center my studies around Anki and Morphman so most of my resources focus on that. I've created some premade files, so you can use them even if you've never studied with Anki or Morphman before.
I've also gathered some data for a lot of titles (Anime, Manga, Movies, Video Games, Tv shows).

Let met give you a quick presentation of what we can do combining all that:

  • At any point during your studies, you can know exactly how many words you know.

  • You can know exactly how much percentage of a title you understand, helping you finding something with the perfect difficulty for you.

  • You can set the exact percentage of comprehension you want to aim for your next study, either a show, or even just the next episode specifically.

  • You can know how many words you need to study to reach that percentage of comprehension, which words they are, and Morphman will prioritize them automatically.

  • You can filter those words by a master frequency list, making sure you still only focus on the most frequent words in japanese, and not just words used in only one show.

  • You can use a master frequency list from all the shows on Netflix, or you can use one based on anime only or video game only. There are two versions: how many times the word appears in all the titles and in how many titles the show appears. You can create a master frequency based on the exact titles you want.

  • The study plan will make sure to order the words you're studying by the episode they appear in.

So in conclusion, you can streamline your japanese progress from 0 to whatever, while knowing at any time which show you can watch next and study the words used in it before or after watching the show since they probably have an Anki Deck already.

Here's how to use the website

A lot of pages redirect to my google spreadsheet that helps keep things organized. They're embedded in the website, but you can go directly to them if it's easier to navigate for you.

Anything I do : new content, new decks, new links, modifications ... will be logged in here. So you have a quick access to check what's new. It should serve as your bookmark if you're interested in the content of this website.

Every once in a while I make a progress report, that works as a blog, where I regroup all the updates by category.

You want to learn japanese, but you're overwhelmed by all the recommendations, methods and you don't know where to start ?

Start here. Instead of following someone telling you to do something specific, I'm letting you know of the most popular ways to study with pros and cons for each, so you can test and choose for yourself which one suits you best.

Anki and morphman can seem scary and confusing, to set up and to use. Even when it's done, you might wonder if you're doing it right. I know I did.

Instead of telling you what to do, I'll explain and show you how to use all the stuff to set up a nice workflow.

For those who have problem with css, and html, the tutorial on Anki card styles will help you design your cards on how you want them to be with some cool stuff to make anki prettier and less boring. You can customize your anki card style, with examples to copy paste directly to your decks.

Now that you know the basic, you can use the goodies. All anki decks for Anime, Games, Manga... made by me or others are listed here.

The readability list is here to help you find a an anime, game, manga to enjoy and study based on your knowledge.

Everything you need to know on how to read and use the data will be in here.

Some references tabs with the export of my decks. So if you're looking for info on kanji or grammar, it will be there.

A list of tools / content / resources page for all your studies, organized by type, level, price and so on.