Welcome to Jinmookwan Taekwondo (Preston)

We teach students in the Korean Martial Art of Taekwondo here in the villages of Hutton and Longton, Preston using the Chung Do Kwan principles that were created by Grandmaster Won Kuk Lee in 1944. Taekwondo is the most popular and most practiced style of Martial Art in the world and the Chung Do Kwan was the first-ever school of Taekwondo and is the largest of the original and traditional Taekwondo schools.

The Chungdokwan came before the Kukkiwon, World Taekwondo or the International Taekwondo Federation.

The headquarters are still based in Seoul, South Korea where they coordinate the global affairs of the federation and issue the prestigious Chungdokwan Black Belt certificate.

The Chungdokwan offers students a fully traditional and authentic form of practicing the traditional Martial Art of Taekwondo.

The Jinmookwan facilitates students to access this amazing method of Taekwondo study at several locations across the UK.