Master Barry Cook

The JMK Preston Dojang is run by Grandmaster Barry Cook a Chung Do Kwan 7th Dan with over 42 years of Martial Arts experience and who is a former member of the BTCB British Taekwondo Technical Team.

"I have a passion for learning, exploring, and developing as a Martial Artist. Meeting like-minded, and dedicated people who have committed their lives to the Martial path is one of the greatest rewards a practitioner can have. Some of the strongest friendships and bonds that I have are between fellow Martial Artists.

One of my highest achievements happened in 2014 when I was honoured to be inducted into the International Black Belt Hall of Fame at the 27th annual conference in Pennsylvania, USA. I also hold a presidential commendation from the Kukkiwon in South Korea.

I am also fortunate enough to hold a Lifetime Achievement Award in Martial Arts, and I am part of a high-level International organisation of Masters and Grandmasters and I visit and train each year in the USA developing with many of Hollywood's outstanding Martial Arts Actors, Directors, and Stunt Choreographers."