About JMK Taekwondo Preston

A brief history

We are a Jin Moo Kwan Taekwondo school under Grandmaster Chris Davies, a Chung Do Kwan 9th Dan, based in Bristol, so becoming part of a global brotherhood of friends and Taekwondo practitioners that have the same goal as you and a love of Taekwondo is a great step for you to take. Our school has been providing tuition, recognition, and resources on a National and International level for Taekwondo clubs, instructors, and students since 2003 here in the villages of Hutton and Longton, and we pride ourselves on being non-exclusive in that we are impartial when welcoming new students and instructors into the academy. Since our school was established we have seen many changes to Taekwondo on the international stage, but our aims are simple, to continue providing our members with the same continued high-quality personal attention that we always have.

Discipline, Control, and Respect.

Our teachers and staff

We have fully qualified Black Belts on hand to help whenever needed and all of our instructors hold formal Ofqual (RQF) Level 5 Ofqual accredited teaching qualifications, first aid qualifications, and enhanced DBS certificates. We are not a school that is concerned with ego or belt chasing, we simply aim to promote authentic Korean Chung Do Kwan Taekwondo to our members to give them a path or structure upon which to base themselves. Our Taekwondo Academy offers a non-political, professional Taekwondo environment and we welcome students from age 5 and above, ranging from complete beginner to seasoned athlete.