Celebrity Friends of Master Cook

Below are a number of movie star and high-profile friends that I have met over the years. I am also fortunate to have some friends that I keep in regular contact with via email or skype, but we have not yet met in person, such as TV and movie star Richard Norton. I was also very lucky to meet the Dalai Lama of Tibet and had a chance to chat and have a blessing from him.

Master Phillip Rhee

Master Simon Rhee

Master Sim Pan Woon

Master Cho Kyu Ha

Master Kim Kwan Kyun

Master Yim Kyu Boong

Master Sean Kim

Master Kang Uk Lee

Bill Superfoot Wallace

Don The Dragon Wilson

Sifu Dan Inosanto

The Dalai Lama

Master Kim Beom

Master Tommy Chang

Master Andre Lima

Master Jean Lopez

Rorion Gracie

Carlos Machado

John Machado

Roger Machado