How to properly use lighting in outdoor photography

Whether you’re shooting landscapes or people, outdoor photography can produce some of your best photos given the right tools and timing. Many different elements come into play – from filling the shadows to framing human subjects, according to photography enthusiast Jim Feldkamp. Here are some tips to harness lighting in outdoor scenes.

Take advantage of open shade

There’s virtually no time of day when it’s impossible to achieve flattering light for your subject. But make sure to avoid harsh sunlight at midday, which can easily translate to strong and unpleasant shadows on the face. Use shady spots, where the subject stays relaxed and comfortable under the shade while the photographer stands in the sun.

Use a reflector

Shooting in the shade is great when shooting a subject with less than flawless skin, but the same effect can also be achieved by using a reflector to soften the light, suggests Jim Feldkamp. This powerful tool is actually quite affordable and can serve as your key light under certain circumstances, such as when shooting near sunset, the sun is behind the subject, and you want to bounce some light back into her face.

Employ light-modifying attachments

You can use flash outdoors, for sure. But flash light can come across as harsh and overwhelming, but it can be controlled by using readily available attachments. You can, for instance, use a snap-on diffuser to diffuse as well as soften the light coming from a flash gun and achieve a warmer atmosphere.

Jim Feldkamp hails from San Francisco, California. He is fond of doing photography and combining it with another personal passion, which is enjoying outdoor recreation. For similar reads, visit this page.

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