2016- Program


6:30 PM to 9 PM – Welcome Reception (Summit Room)


7:00 AM – Breakfast (Magpie)

7:30 AM to 9:30 AM – Presentations (Magpie)

“It’s Not Manly Being Green: The Role of Gender Identity Maintenance in Men’s Avoidance of Environmentally-Friendly Behavior” , Aaron Brough

“Stock Illusion”, David Gal

“Scarcity and Preference within a Choice set”, Meng Zhu

4:15 PM – Afternoon snacks (Magpie)

4:30 PM to 7:00 PM – Presentations (Magpie)

“Heuristic Perceptions of the Income Tax: Evidence and Implications”, Alex Rees-Jones

“Attribution Bias in Economic Decision Making”, Devin Pope

“When Do Financial Constraints Increase Preference for Material Purchases: A Microeconomic Model”,Robert Zeithammer

“Some New Evidence Regarding Anchoring and Adjustment”, DJ Nayakankuppam

7:00 PM – Dinner (Summit Room)


7:00 AM – Breakfast (Magpie)

7:30 AM to 9:30 AM – Presentations (Magpie)

“Motivation and Overconfidence returns”, Don Moore

“From Mindless to Mindful Judgment and Decision Making: Guided Introspection About Personal Criteria Reduces Weighting Bias”, Leaf Van Boven

“Photographic Memory: The Effects of photo-taking on memory for auditory and visual information”, Kristin Diehl

4:15 PM – Afternoon snacks (Magpie)

4:30 PM to 7:00 PM – Presentations (Magpie)

“Setting the record straight on sugary drink portion cap policies”, Leslie John

“Smart Phones, Bad Calls? The Impact of Mobile Technology Use on Decision Making”, J. Jeffrey Inman

“Improving Comprehension of Numbers in the News”, Dan Goldstein

“Debiasing Decisions: Improved Decision Making With a Single Training Intervention”, Carey Morewedge

7:00 PM – Dinner (Summit Room)


Sachin Banker, University of Utah

Darron Billeter, Brigham Young University

Keith Botner, Lehigh University

Aaron Brough, Utah State University

Alex Chernev, Northwestern University

Kristin Diehl, University of Southern California

David Gal, University of Illinois

Dan Goldstein, Microsoft Research

Shyam Gopinath, University of Utah

Jeff Inman, University of Pittsburgh

Ata Jami, University of Central Florida

Leslie John, Harvard University

Jeff Larson, Brigham Young University

Tamara Masters, Brigham Young University

Nina Mažar, University of Toronto

Tom Meyvis, New York University

Arul Mishra, University of Utah

Himanshu Mishra, University of Utah

Don Moore, University of California, Berkeley

Oscar Moreno, Rutgers University

Carey Morewedge, Boston University

DJ Nayakankuppam, University of Iowa

Devin Pope, University of Chicago

Alex Reese-Jones, University of Pennsylvania

Leaf Van Boven, University of Colorado Boulder

Gal Zauberman, Yale University

Robert Zeithammer, University of California, Los Angeles

Meng Zhu, John Hopkins University