About BYrd

My name is Jason BYrd. On December 11th, 1991, I was born into a messy home in Northwest Philadelphia filled with creative verve and junk—things that these days I would re-envision as a potential project. Many of my works and series incorporate the idea of re-purposing and realizing multiple interpretations, or perspectives, of every inch of life.

The youngest of three, my brothers and I were always given freedom to choose our own paths. We were encouraged to keep an open mind, try everything, and learn from everyone around us. This is the spirit I try to embed in my work. My path led me to Trinity College, in Hartford Connecticut, where I graduated with a B.A. in Studio Arts in 2014. I started working on the art featured on this website in 2012 as sophomore at Trinity, when I decided over spring break I would be a “serious artist,” and began working in a makeshift studio in my brother’s basement I dubbed “The Lair.”

After graduating and completing a fifth year fellowship program, I moved to Oakland California in 2015. I am now currently in my 4th year of teaching and serving the community. I currently teach design at a charter school in the Fruitvale section of East Oakland.

Portraits from High School