Value Proposition

For the enterprise client:

    • When was the last time an expert evaluated your IVR. Ever? When was the last time you got a complaint about it?

    • Usability analysis, VUI design and speech science are specialized skills you might not have in house, or don't have in sufficient quantity. Leverage our years of experience to give you these critical skills when you need them.

    • If you hire a large speech company to help you with your IVR roadmap, chances are they'll try to sell you on a big speech project. We'll give you unbiased recommendations because we don't try to sell you licenses.

    • We've managed, designed and built IVR applications many many times. Leverage our experience to help you out when you need us.

For professional services companies:

    • If you are looking for staff augmentation, we can fit in with your team and be transparent to your end user clients. That is, you can give us an email address and a business card and we'll be just another member of your team. We don't need to tell the clients we're from IDG, although we can if you want.

    • If you're looking for someone, chances are we have someone available now.

    • IVR application design is best done in a collaborative mode - let our team work together with you to come up with an outstanding design.

    • Because our overhead is low, our rates are extremely competitive.