Speech Strategy Consulting

Here are some of the strategic questions we help clients answer:

  • Should we invest in this company or technology?

  • Should we incorporate speech technology into our products or services?

  • In the telephony world, should we deploy a speech recognition application or touch tone or both?

  • Which recognition vendor should we use? Who are the vendors, what are the pro's and con's?

  • Which application development environments are out there and which should we use?

  • Who are the suppliers of development services and their pro's and con's?

  • How do we integrate the application with our back-end databases?

  • Should we use a hosted solution, an on-premise solution or a hybrid solution?

  • How do we go about designing the application?

  • How should the system be rolled out and tested?

  • Can we do alphanumeric recognition?

  • What about speaker verification?

Clients include end user companies, platform providers and investors. We provide consulting at hourly rates or as fixed bids.

Types of projects on which we have consulted on include the following:

  • Introducing or redeveloping applications in call centers

  • Location and evaluation of speech recognition technology and platforms

  • Speech patent analysis and development

  • Prioritizing product features and designing interfaces

  • Evaluations of market strategies for companies with products or services using speech input

  • Evaluations of current, proposed, and needed features for products incorporating speech recognition and speaker verification

  • Location of prospects and partners for particular speech recognition products and technologies