IUCC tutor

The Lillian Maeda Learning Center

October 17: we celebrated Founder's Day with a tribute to Lillian Maeda. 23 students and 6 tutors was our largest group this school year! Spam musubi, carrot sticks and Jello served for snack.

Only 16 signed forms have been turned in. ALL elementary students have done it! Need signed forms from the OLDER students.

Our snack is now served near the end of tutoring, from 3:30 p.m. That gives the students an early start on homework.

The photo on the left side is from August 2018.

Aunty Lynette tells students if we have more than 25 enrolled, new ones will be wait-listed until there are any openings.

Snack was served from 3:30 p.m. This new system seemed to work better. First we focused on getting homework done; clean up and then enjoy a snack. ETS tutor Calvin Rich, who works with the older students, offered the prayer.

Left: Jay Dee reads for pleasure after his homework is done.

Right: the high school students use new laptops for assignments.

Aunty Heide helps the youngest ones assemble a puzzle.

Welcome to the Iao United Church of Christ's tutoring program site! Please click on the topics located at the TOP of this page to view different sections. Mahalo for your interest in our program. This site also appears on our official church website at: http://www.iaoucc.org/ Look for Online Resources for Church Members.

Check out our calendar at bottom of this page. Attendance count is listed on each session date. Example: 23S/6T = 23 students / 6 tutors.

Our student limit is now at 25 for the 2018-19 school year. We are hoping more grade 6 to high school students will join us. We are partnering with Education Talent Search at UH-Maui College for more tutors, but only on Wednesdays.