"Hi Virginia-

Just wanted to let you know that (my son) made the math team today at Arcadia High.  One of 3 freshmen.  Thank you for training him!!" - An Arcadia parent

"Hi Ms. Virginia.  I just wanted to thank you for all that you did for (my son) over the years.  He really enjoyed your class and learned a lot. (My son) really enjoyed the UCLA class that you recommended over the summer.  He recently made the Arcadia High School math team as a freshman.  A lot of that I attribute to you… so thank you." - A Temple City parent

"老师好,报告您(我女兒)的sat出成绩了,数学满分800,英语760,总分1560. 她自己都说感谢您教她数学...(她)能喜欢数学都是您的功劳,是您精心给孩子们启蒙和指导,引领孩子们...这次(女兒)就是暑假自己做了几套题,也没花钱找老师集训,说明平时的学习积累很重要."  - Parent of a past student

"Hello Ms. Wong. I just registered (my daughter) for the summer session. I was ready to give her a break from math. However, she told me “I didn’t want to say that, but actually I found the class is interesting and I want to continue for the summer”  Thank you so much! I never expected she would say that. She loves math now!!!" - A Glendale parent

"Thank you also for teaching (my son) these past few years!  For someone who usually whines about EVERYTHING, he happily took your classes with minimal complaints, which is a HUGE compliment to you!  And although we occasionally forgot about class if things got really hectic with our schedules (thanks for always texting me), 90% of the time, he always remembered to log on to your classes without my reminding him (because I was often too busy to even remember), which again is a testament to your teaching!  I am actually super proud of him for usually remembering, especially for someone his age! " - An Arcadia  parent

"I am glad (my son) did well, I feel that it is a very good decision to enroll him in Cool Math, he enjoys the class a lot and he gets motivated to work harder." - A Rancho PV parent

"I wanted to say thank you to you and you have made Math that (my son) wanted to learn more." - An Illinois parent

"Among all remote learning lessons that (my daughter) takes now, I find your math lesson is the most organized and productive.  You are always effective in communication, so parents know what kids are expected to do for the week.  Thank you for continuing the math lesson online as soon as shelter in place is in order.  "  - A South Bay parent

"He said he’s learning the most from your class during this distance learning period :) It’s always great to hear that from the kids, because we all put in so much time and effort. " - A Torrance parent

"老师你好!(我兒子) 进步很多,非常感谢你在这一年多的时间对他的帮助,还没上奥数之前其实他的成绩不怎么样,因为他是一年级刚从中国转学过来的,但自从上了奥数课以后这成绩明显在进步,非常感谢老师的细心教导" - A San Gabriel Valley parent

"I also wanted to let you know that I got into the program! I’m now a full time first year undergraduate at CSULA. I’m enrolled in pre-calculus, if you were wondering. We are going over sequences and series, and when factorials were mentioned I immediately remembered you!

Thank you so much for your consistent support and enrichment throughout the years. I’ve had so many formative experiences from your classes. I owe you bunches! ️" - A recent 8th gr. graduate

More students feedback here. 

"You might enjoy knowing that (my daughter) won one of the two top academic awards. In her citation, they highlighted her many math accomplishments. Thanks for helping her! "  -  A Torrance father

"Ms Wong, thank you! My daughter has improved a lot in Math this semester." - An Arcadia parent

“Ms. Virginia Wong is a very special Math teacher. As an educator myself, I can attest to her unique ability to develop mathematical minds and cultivate logical and critical thinking skills in her students, which go far beyond the standardized math education offered at both traditional public and private schools.

My 9-year-old daughter benefits greatly from her instruction and has developed a genuine interest in math reasoning. I cannot thank Ms. Virginia Wong enough for her care and dedication to developing young minds.” - Lin Cummings

"Virginia Wong is a very special teacher. Her love of math is the foundation of the class. That love, her knowledge, and her kind spirit motivate the students without pressuring them. No shaming in this class, just pure motivation and fun. The students have developed a love of math and creative problem-solving under Ms. Wong's teaching, so they inspire and challenge each other. This class is a great complement to the education our son is getting at school." - Mari Ryono 

... there are a lot of teachers who can teach math, but  Mrs Wong is a  rare kind.  She has the ability to make kids LOVE math!  The class is always filled with glee laughter.  Because of her, I feel my kids' number sense, logic, and mathematical calculation are stronger.  Mrs. Wong wastes no time in making kids learn all these aspects even when kids think they are just playing "game!" 

- A parent from PV

"Thank you (very) much Virginia,

I wanted to let you know that our daughter and her classmate were state and national winners in Math Kangaroo competition.

It was all because of the MO training.

The credit goes to you.

Thank you" - A Longley Way School Parent

"Dear Virginia, You are so kind and generous to all of us! You organized the team, taught the classes twice a week, conducted all of the assessments with professionalism and grace.  The students involved in Math Olympiads gave glowing reports.  Thank you so much for your dedication and great effort.  You were so well organized and independent...That is one of the reasons we are a great school..." - An Arcadia School Principal

"We appreciate Ms. Virginia Wong’s dedicated work enriching the Dana students who strive to excel to the next level to participate in math contests.  Ms. Wong started giving Math Olympiad lessons to Longley Way students after school weekly five years ago since Alicia was in four grade. I had the opportunity to sit in her lessons at Longley Way.  I have to say that Ms. Wong’s teaching is easy to understand and inspiring, and she made math interesting! " - Arcadia Parent

"I want to start off by saying you are amazing. Math has never been (my son's) strength but he has grown so much in the time he’s been going to your class. It’s a hard class for him but he is seeing things he wasn’t before. We appreciate you growing all these minds!" - Torrance Parent

"Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are important for every aspect of life. This class is about math, but it's also activating their creative minds in ways that will serve them for the rest of their lives." - South Bay Parent 

"At first our son wasn't so sure about a Saturday evening math class, but at the end of the first class, he looked so happy and said, 'Mom, I have to do this class!'" - Torrance Parent

"This is a great class that teaches creative problem-solving. It makes math fun and accessible to kids. Working on the homework together is something my grandson and I love to do." - South Bay Grandparent 

"We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the opportunity for our daughter to participate in the Mathcounts competition last month.  As you are well aware, the Dana team came in second in overall score and qualified for the State Final to be held at UC Irvine on March 12, 2016."  - Mrs. Chung

"Ms. Wong provides tutelage in the subject as well as encouragement to the students before the competition.  We are so very fortunate to have instructors of this caliber who have such passion in students’ success. " - Temple City Parent

"Thank you so much for your help. My son, Jonathan, is very interested in Math Olympiad. He really enjoyed when taking this class. You are the best teacher, hope to see you this fall. " - An Arcadia Parent

"This Math Olympiad program gave my daughter Lauren so much more confidence in her math skills.  " - Regina

"My son Eric enjoyed the "Brain Teaser" and has improved his Math skills.  Thank you so much, Virginia. " - Alice

"My son really enjoys the class (even though he often tells me he does not solve too many of the problems that are presented to him)  He loves to test me on some questions that were brought up in class to see if I can solve it (I usually can't).

 Thank you for all your time, effort, & support for the math club.  I truly believe that the club has really added value to the academics at Longley Way" -Janny

"...your dedication in teaching the children, sharing your valuable knowledge and dedicating your time in the welfare of the kids! We appreciate the time and effort that you spent; it was such a valuable experience for them." - Ajay's Dad

"You are a very  good and generous teacher, I miss you, you are epic!!!!" - Hannah

"Thank you for teaching MO! You were a wonderful teacher and I appreciate all your hard work. " - Mrs. Li

"(My daughter) really loves your math class, and THANKS to you, she is able to maintain her interests in math all these years. The critical thinking and problems solving skills you have taught  students will benefit them for years to come." - A Torrance parent