Brilliant Students

Largest pentomino enclosure (Brody, left; Lucas, right)

Congrats to Cool Math's student Austin for winning first place in district's Math Field Day!

Pentominoes Fun

On Math Fun Day (8/30/2020) the 5th-8th graders created artwork using geometric transformations.

Pentomino tessellations. By our 5th gr students.

Using pentominoes and a 2x2 tile to cover a chessboard. By our 6-8th gr students.

Largest pentominoes enclosure.

Both Torrance and Temple City groups used pentominoes to make 5x5.

Using 12 pentominoes to enclose an area of 121 sq units. Good job Rosetta!

Two groups of chickens want to go to the other side. Each time a chicken may move to an open space or jump over one other chicken to an open space. Chickens can only move forward. How can this be done?

A brilliant 2nd grader used 7, 7, 7, 7 to make 24. (Triangle number and factorial are used.)

The Torrance 3/4 graders are showcasing their creativity in 24 for the very first time, way to go!

The Arcadia students had so much fun playing with the game of 24. We have hidden a typo, can you find out where?

Pi Day Project: Digit frequency in the first 100 digits of Pi. Well done Jason!

Today the 5-6th gr. students needed to make 27 using 2,3,3,4. I was very surprised and excited to see a student use Triangular Number for the first time (in red), thanks Arthur! Then another student quickly picked up the trick and created another way(in black) :) Isn't it cool to see how we share and make each other better everyday! The other ways are also very creative too!

New year resolutions: Achieving 100% in 2018 (use 2, 0, 1, 8 to make 100% (ie 1)). These brilliant ideas are from Torrance students in gr 4-8

12 "Ways" of Christmas (Use 1, 2, 2, 5 to make 24 in 12 ways)

To celebrate Halloween, the Torrance students shared their math tricks and received a treat. #29 from David T. got the highest vote of the best trick, congrats David!

The Torrance 5/6 gr class came up with 24 ways to make 24 with 1,2,4,7!