STEAM Expo at Washington Elementary School April 2022

Online classes

Congratulations to Cool Math's students for winning in the 2019 Number Tournament:

Individual Awards: 5th gr Alice Y.(Gold), Ethan H. (Bronze); 7th Angel Y.(Gold), Oriana C.(Bronze)

Team Awards: 3rd gr Silver Felix F., Jerry W., Timothy W., Lawrence C.; 3rd gr Bronze Lauren C., Derrick X., Hannah H., Zimeng H.; 4th gr Silver Yueri L., Yuvanah V., Emily Z., Wenbo W., 5th gr Silver Ethan H., 6th gr Silver Isabel L., Eda L.; 7th gr Silver Oriana C., Shawn L., Ryan L., Alissa P.; 8th gr Gold Angel Y., Helena H., Jason C., Yueran L.

Summer class students racing in a group game on creative use of numbers.

Cut a hole in a piece of paper so that you can go through.

Strategic game.

DMAS 4-20-19 at Cal State LA. Congrats to Cool Math's students, they all advanced to finals. Angel and Alice won 3rd in middle school and 2nd in elementary school divisions respectively.

Math Kangaroo 3-21-2019

Congrats to our students winning in the recent Number Tournament (10/28/2018)

Erica, Sophie W, Sophie L, Brian, Oriana, Alice, Angel, Lucas, Victor, Harry, Madeline, Yueran, Sahanna.

Temple City 2017-18 award ceremony.

Torrance 2017-18 award ceremony.

Instant insanity, a very challenging game!

DMAS contest at Cal State LA. Congrats to Sophie winning silver, Angel bronze and Oriana finalist medal!

Math Kangaroo 2018

Pi day art from Live Oak Park class.