Congrats to 2024 Spring Noetic Winners!

Perfect score: Lyla

National Honor Roll: Sydney, Albert, Rohan, Jennifer, Viviana, Ryan, Eugene, Ayaan, Petey, Kellen, Aman

And dozens of Honorable Mentions!

Congrats to our 2023-24 Math Olympiads Winners!

Top 2%, Gold pin winners: Aman, Ayaan, Ram, Viviana, Lyla, Eugene

Top 10%, Silver pin winners: Avi, Yashvasin, Jennifer, Albert, Halen

Top 20%: Zaara, Angelina, Jayde, Chris, Kellen, Colin, Ram, Brandon, Lucas Q, Yuvanah, Claire

2024 Purple Comet! Math Meet

2024 Math Kangaroo

Welcome to Cool Math, where a world of mathematical exploration awaits elementary to high school students. Our engaging curriculum is meticulously designed to cultivate problem-solving strategies, nurture logical reasoning, refine number sense, and empower students with advanced math skills—all while having fun!

Key Highlights:

What Sets Us Apart: Cool Math Classes isn't just about solving equations; it's about fostering a deep love for math. Our students evolve into math enthusiasts who effortlessly apply their skills to everyday scenarios. As they progress, they develop strong mental math abilities and gain a comprehensive grasp of mathematical concepts. These skills not only enhance their academic performance but also enrich their problem-solving skills in various life situations.

Pathway to Success: Our holistic approach pays off, as students seamlessly excel in their school's common core curriculum. They're equipped with the tools to stand out in the classroom and beyond.

Embrace the Competition: For those seeking an extra challenge, we offer opportunities to participate in renowned international and national math competitions, such as Math Olympiads and Math Kangaroo. It's a chance to showcase your prowess on a grand stage.

Join Us: Ready to embark on a math journey like no other? Enroll in Cool Math Classes today and discover the exciting world of math where problem-solving thrives, number sense prevails, and minds are transformed.

Take the first step towards becoming a math champion. Your journey starts here.

Parents' testimonials

"Hello Ms. Wong. I just registered (my daughter) for the summer session. I was ready to give her a break from math. However, she told me “I didn’t want to say that, but actually I found the class is interesting and I want to continue for the summer”  Thank you so much! I never expected she would say that. She loves math now!!!" - A Glendale parent


"You might enjoy knowing that (my daughter) won one of the two top academic awards. In her citation, they highlighted her many math accomplishments. Thanks for helping her! "  -  A Torrance father

"老师好,报告您(我女兒)的sat出成绩了,数学满分800,英语760,总分1560. 她自己都说感谢您教她数学...(她)能喜欢数学都是您的功劳,是您精心给孩子们启蒙和指导,引领孩子们...这次(女兒)就是暑假自己做了几套题,也没花钱找老师集训,说明平时的学习积累很重要."  - Parent of a past student

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Students' Feedback

"I learned a lot!  once i began to learn from ms.wong i became better in school math and got good scores on the tests thanks to her teaching."

"Cool Math was very fun! Ms.Wong taught us a variety of math topics, that could be challenging at times, but she would always explain it again, and accept questions, so that we could master that subject. Not only did it really made me think outside the box, and push my brain to the limits, but it also helped me think critically about the world and look for solutions. -"

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Ms. Wong's article on creative number games published on Epoch Times. English version here.

Math Competitions

Cool Math proudly showcases our students as active contenders in a range of national and international math competitions, including Math Olympiads, Math Kangaroo, and Noetics, among others. Their accomplishments are a direct reflection of the problem-solving strategies they've mastered, the rigorous problem sets they've tackled, and, not to be overlooked, the unwavering family support that propels them forward.

Our competitions are open to anyone interested, to learn more click here.

Ms Wong's views on Math learning (in Mandarin) and her Problem Solving Strategies course (in English)