Congrats to the following students in their AMC 8 achievement:

Distinction (top 1% nationally)PaxtonHonor Roll (top 5% nationally)Nolan, Petey, KellenCertifiate of achievement(gr 6 and below scored over 15)Lawrence, Lucas, Ryan, Nolan

Online Problem Solving Classes

2/27-5/11/23 (no class 4/3-9) 10 weeks, $295New students contest fee: $20

Introductory (3-5th) Wed 5:30-7:00 PST:

Number sense and operations, problem solving practices, measurements, metric system, intro to algebra, square roots and exponents, circumference and area, logic, decimals.

Beginner (4-6th) Thu 5:30-7:00 PST:

Number sense and operations, problem solving practices, number sets, comparing non trivial expressions, permutation, bases. Contest prep.

Intermediate (5-7th) Thu 4:00-5:30 PST:

Number sense and more operations and functions.  Geometry and measurements on quadrilateral and circles, geometric patterns and hands on experiments.  Contest prep.

Advanced: Algebra (6-8th) Tue 5:30-7:00 PST:

Cont. quadratic equations, factoring, quadratic formula, word problems, sum and product of the roots, exponents and radicals, statistics, sequences and series, nested square roots and fractions.  Contest prep.

Advanced: Counting (7-9th) Mon 4:00-5:30 PST:

Pascal triangle, probability basics, compound events and counting, casework, probability and combinations, complementary counting and probability, geometric probability, expected value. Contest prep.

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Parents' testimonials

"Among all remote learning lessons that (my daughter) takes now, I find your math lesson is the most organized and productive.  You are always effective in communication, so parents know what kids are expected to do for the week.  Thank you for continuing the math lesson online as soon as shelter in place is in order.  " 

"He said he’s learning the most from your class during this distance learning period :) It’s always great to hear that from the kids, because we all put in so much time and effort. "

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Students' Feedback

"I learned a lot!  once i began to learn from ms.wong i became better in school math and got good scores on the tests thanks to her teaching."

"Cool Math was very fun! Ms.Wong taught us a variety of math topics, that could be challenging at times, but she would always explain it again, and accept questions, so that we could master that subject. Not only did it really made me think outside the box, and push my brain to the limits, but it also helped me think critically about the world and look for solutions. -"

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Miss Wong's article on creative number games published on Epoch Times. English version here.

Math Competitions

Our students participate in many national and international math competitions such as Math Olympiads, Math Kangaroo, Noetics and many more. They have achieved very remarkable results because of the problem solving strategies they learned, the extensive problem sets they have practiced on, and above all, tremendous family supports and encouragements!

Our competitions are open to anyone interested, to learn more click here.

Ms Wong's views on Math learning (in Mandarin) and her Problem Solving Strategies course (in English)