International Workshop on Utilization of Research Reactors



Closing Remarks

We have reached the end of our celebration, and it is a sad duty to close this door - sad, since we are bidding farewell to all the new and old friends. We believe, however, that the discussions, information and works presented at the workshop have left a lot to reflect upon.

The scope of topics covered has shown how important IEA-R1 is both as a research tool and subject. There are still many scientific and near-scientific challenges that Brazil has to face, and the potential to build a new nuclear research facility is strongly coupled to the capabilities of local research community, as well as to the questions of nuclear security and safety. A pleasure is to announce that 60 Years of IEA-R1 Workshop has emerged as a platform where all these issues were debated.

We wanted to express gratitude to all of you who have made this event a reality. Thanks for your time, effort, contribution and for your will to participate!

Important: Publications

Please, keep an eye on the News page. As the name states, all the news (including the announcement of the certificate issuing) will be published there. The book of abstracts may be found at the Publications page (downloadable and online-readable) as can be the PDFs of talk presentations.

Key dates

SEPTEMBER, 29 Registration and abstract submission open

NOVEMBER, 16 Registration reopened

NOVEMBER, 19 Reopened registration deadline

NOVEMBER, 28 Live registration opens at conference hall

NOVEMBER, 29 Conference dinner