International Workshop on Utilization of Research Reactors



Welcome to reactor's 60th anniversary celebration!

September of 2017 marks the diamond anniversary of IEA-R1 — the first nuclear research reactor in Brazil. One of the oldest and most well-operating research reactors in the world, as assessed by the International Atomic Energy Agency, it has been exploited intensively during these 60 years for study and development. In addition to scientific research, IEA-R1 has been used effectively to generate various types of products providing extensive services to society, the most important being the fabrication of primary radioisotopes for radiopharmaceuticals further adapted in nuclear medicine. Recently, the reactor underwent several upgrades that helped boost its power from 2 MW to 4.5 MW resulting in the growth of radioisotopes production, among which are 131I, 153Sm and 99Mo.

This International workshop was organized to celebrate the 60 years of IEA-R1 successful operation. Researchers from other neutron facilities of the world were invited to share their experience and join the commemoration. Our extra purpose is to draw the attention of the local scientific community to the perspectives of a multidisciplinary research that is realizable once there is an access to a neutron source such as IEA-R1. It is essential to reinforce the contact between the research groups of the facility and the outer scientific world, and that is what makes your participation so important to us.

We look forward to having you at the celebration!


The workshop is hosted by Brazilian Institute of Energy and Nuclear Research (IPEN, Sao Paulo, Brazil). It is being organized by the institute research groups. All the workshop sessions will be held at IPEN campus. Invited speakers are offered accommodation at the WZ Hotel Jardins, close to Paulista Avenue. Registration desk will open on Tuesday, November 28 at 8:00 AM at the conference hall.

Key dates

SEPTEMBER, 29 Registration and abstract submission open

NOVEMBER, 01 Registration and abstract submission deadline

NOVEMBER, 06 Notification of abstracts approval

NOVEMBER, 28 Live registration opens at conference hall

NOVEMBER, 30 Conference dinner