Immersive Learning @ IE

Find the most appropriate VR dynamic for your course

VR applications allow you to immerse yourself in a realistic and engaging scenario, which feels real. 
This can be used for class preparation, in-class discussion starter, out-of-class practice or collaboration.
Virtual collaboration & events are like shared in-person get-togethers in a computer-simulated world, where users can interact with one another through their avatars. This can be used for live-class interaction, gamified learner challenges (escape room, team challenge), meetings, events and more.
A great variety of development tools exist which allow you to participate in the construction of virtual worlds, NFTs, and VR apps. This can be used for specific courses, certification tracks or student project work.More information coming soon!

5 ideas on how to incorporate immersive learning into your teaching

On demand: Introduction to Immersive Learning @IE