Poster presentation

If you want to give a poster presentation you are required to create a poster (A1 or A0 format). Each poster should contain the following sections: background, research question, summary of method, summary of results, conclusions, take-home messages and, keywords. Try to make the poster clear, structured, concise, and attractive. Avoid long texts and use diagrams, graphs, and/or tables to visualize your information effectively.

During the ICO Spring School, posters will be grouped into themes. Per session 6 posters will be presented and discussed. Presenters are asked to introduce their poster in a 3 to 5 minute pitch of the main messages of the poster. End your session by asking if anyone in the audience has a question about your poster. After this short presentation both the regular audiance and the discussant, appointed to review the poster, will freely visit the posters and discuss them with its presenter. The discussant discusses both content and lay-out related subjects with the presenter. With regard to the lay-out, the following points can be discussed:

  • The clarity of the lay-out of the poster
  • The extent to which the poster draws attention
  • The clarity of the textual information the poster conveys
  • The clarity of the graphical information the poster conveys
  • The originality of the design of the poster

A session takes 60 minutes starting with an introductory pitch of each poster. Each session will be chaired by an ICO Spring School Staff Member.

Send in your paper and abstract

The presenters of a poster presentation are asked to send in a short paper of their presentation (max. 1000 words in APA style, including references) using the submission form for abstracts and papers before February 1st, 2020. Also, send in a short abstract (max. 300 words). We will use your abstract on this website to inform the ICO Spring School attendants about your presentation. The paper itself will only be send to your discussant and the chair of the session, and will not be used in any publications concerning the ICO ISS2020.

Duration of a poster presentation and discussion

Total duration: 60 minutes

  • The session starts pitch by presenters (per poster): 3-5 minutes (4 or 5 posters, one after the other), After all pitches, all posters will be discussed simultaneously, while the audience moves around through the room (of course, switching rooms is also possible for the audience)
  • Discussion by audience: ca. 30 minutes.