Paper presentation

To prepare for the paper presentation, you write a paper about your research. When your paper is ready, prepare an interesting presentation in English. Keep in mind that the presentation is no longer than 15 minutes (try to prepare no more than 15 slides). Raise issues that can facilitate audience engagement and be aware of the fact that the audience did not read the paper. The paper (and the presentation) addresses one or more central aspects of the research project. Which aspects are fit for inclusion depends on the content and nature of your research. Examples include an elaborated theoretical framework that operationalizes the projects central research questions, the experimental set-up and results of a first empirical study, the design of a learning environment, teacher training, assessment instrument, and so on.

The presentation is followed by 15 minutes of discussion, which is started by the appointed discussants. Inform your discussants about the goals of your presentation and write down two questions that can help focus the discussion. The audience can also give feedback on your presentation based on the presentation feedback form. This form may also help you to prepare your presentation.

All presenters of a paper presentation will be appointed junior discussant at one of the other paper presentations. Are you presenting a paper? Prepare to be a discussant for one of your peers!

We will inform you about your discussants and your own role as a discussant in March.

Send in your paper and abstract

The presenters of a paper presentation are asked to send in a paper of their presentation (APA style; 20 pages; maximum 6000 words, including references) using the submission form for abstracts and papers before February 1st. Also, send in a short abstract (max. 300 words). We will use your abstract on this website to inform the ICO Spring School attendants about your presentation. The paper itself will only be send to your discussants and the chair of the session, and will not be used in any publications concerning the ICO ISS2020.

Prepare a presentation in PowerPoint. Please check it on another computer to be sure everything works and bring the presentation on an USB memory stick to the ICO Spring School.

Duration of a paper presentation and discussion

Total duration: 30 minutes

  • Presentation: 15 minutes
  • Group discussion: 15 minutes

There will be 2 paper presentations in a session of 1 hour