Background information

The ICO International Spring School is part of the educational PhD-programme of ICO, The Interuniversity Centre for Educational Sciences in the Netherlands and Belgium. ICO is a research school in the domain of education and was established in 1988 as a partnership between the universities of Twente and Groningen with the aim of offering advanced courses to its PhD candidates. This collaboration was soon expanded to include other Dutch universities and Flemish universities. At the moment educational institutes of fifteen universities in The Netherlands and Belgium participate in ICO. More information about ICO can be found on the ICO website.

The ICO International Spring School 2020 is an international event for PhD-candidates who do research in the domains of learning, instruction and/or education. The Spring School is a compulsory educational activity for ICO PhD students, but also non-ICO PhD students in these fields are welcome to attend the Spring School. PhD Students that join the full programme are expected to attend two workshops and Keynote speeches, and to give a presentation about their own research. It is also possible to register for half the ISS, from Monday till Wednesday (part A), or starting on Wednesday until Friday (part B). Those participants will also present their own research, and join in one workshop, and attend one keynote.

Participation in the full ISS will be rewarded with 3 ECTS. Participation in either part A or B will be rewarded with 1.5 ECTS.