Maastricht has one of the highest restaurant-densities of the Netherlands. There are many great restaurants, in all price categories, from Eur 10,- to Eur 200,- (Beluga) per meal. Via the internet you can find what you like without any problems.

In the list below you find some recommendations based on personal experiences by both the student-assistants and staff members of the Local Committee. There are two main areas where you can find many bars and restaurants: the trendy Wyck and the historical Centre. At the bottom of the page you can find a map with the listed restaurants so you can easily navigate towards your choice!


  • Tabkeaw - Rechtstraat 102 - If you are craving Thai checkout Tabkeaw.
  • Burgerlijk - Rechtstraat 37 - With a number of vegetarian options, Burgerlijk is another great option for small groups with mixed dietary requirements.
  • Toscanella Aquana - Rechtstraat 22 - Very good medium-sized and medium-prized Italian restaurant.
  • Steakhouse Carnal - Wycker Brugstraat 35 - For the meat lovers we suggest you head over to Carnal.
  • Eetcafe Ceramique - Rechtstraat 78 - Crossing to the east of the Maas, Eetcafe Ceramique prides themselves on sustainable and so have a variety of vegetarian and vegan options. Good for a group with mixed dietary requirements.
  • Restaurant Harry’s - Wyckerbrugstraat 2 - If you are looking for something a bit little fancier and have some extra cash to spend, Harry’s will take care of you.
  • BABs Bomb Ass Burritos - Stationsstraat 19 - Mexican food.
  • Dadawan, Spoorweglaan 1 - Asian fusion restaurant - Low prices.
  • Wen-Chou - Spoorweglaan 5 - In terms of value for money one of the best Chinese restaurants of the Benelux.
  • Kapulaga - Hoogbrugstraat 23a - Authentic Indonesian kitchen.
  • Mediterraneo - Rechtstraat 73 - Excellent Italian (Tuscany style) restaurant. Higher price segment, but not extreme.


  • Reitz - Markt, 75 - Reitz will provide you with a good introduction to classic Dutch cuisine without breaking the bank. Be sure to order frietjes met mayonaise (fries with mayonnaise) and Zuurvlees (a traditional limburgse meat stew) to get the authentic Dutch experience.
  • Peters Irish Pub - Kleine Gracht 40-42 - is an Irish Pub near the Markt square, it is a cozy atmosphere and good food, like the classic fish and chips or a full Irish breakfast.
  • Pet Thai - Boschstraat 93 - great choice of Thai dishes.
  • Saigon Cuisine - Boschstraat 113 - Vietnamese specialties.
  • Cinema Lumière's Restaurant - Bassin 88 - Lumière's magnificent Restaurant Café is built in the old power station of the Sphinx Factories. Enjoy the most delicious dishes and refreshing drinks on the Bassin, with gorgeous views over the water. Moderately priced.
  • Bab Tomas - Tongersestraat 23 - A rather young restaurant, that opened in 2018. Delicious Syrian dishes.
  • Pizzeria Piano B - Tongersestraat 25 - The place for the tastiest pizzas in Maastricht and surroundings.
  • Marres Kitchen - Capucijnenstraat 98 - Wonderful low-priced Mediterrean restaurant on the back-yard side of modern art museum Marres. Delicious and cozy. Eating in the garden is possible when the weather permits.
  • Brandweerkantine - Capucijnenstraat 21 - Strong in local products, biological food, and vergetarian dishes.
  • Talentino Mestreech - Grote Gracht 74 - Close to the faculty, with simple but tasty dishes, in a former monastery. Partly run by young people with a mental retardation. Very pleasant, quiet, and cozy atmosphere. Good food.
  • Witloof - Sint Bernardusstraat 12 - At Witloof the focus is not so much on "Haute Cuisine" as on honest pure food. Traditional dishes tastefully prepared after our own family recipes - The interior of Witloof has won 1st prize at the Dutch Design Awards.
  • De Gouverneur - Boschstraat 105a,, also near the Markt square, De Gouverneur is a Belgium beer café, ideal for those wanting to kick on after the conference proceedings are over.
  • With Love Burrito - Markt 4 - If you are in the mood for fast mexician flavours, With Love Burrito is the best in two.
  • Restaurant Ginger - Tongersestraat 7 - A small, delicate and interesting restaurant with Asian (Indian, Japanese, Thai, etc.) and fusion dishes.
  • Harvey - Hertogsingel 58c - Good pub-foord, tapas, nice atmosphere.
  • Tramhalte - Cannerplein 1 - Nice mix of local and European dishes.
  • Cafe Falstaff - Sint Amorsplein 6 - A nice spot with large terrace area to grab a beer and quick bite or settle in for something more substantial.
  • Tokyoto – Kesselskade 62 - Best option for good value sushi and a nice view of the Maas, however it can get a little busy.
  • Preuverij - Kakeberg 6 - this is a favorite spot for students. They have a cheap menu with some typical Dutch cuisine like zuurvlees.
  • Grand Café de Perroen - Vrijthof 34-35 - Popular place, with good pub-food. Back side of this Grand Café are the early-mediaeval city walls.
  • Grand Café D'n Ingel - Vrijthof 13. This restaurant is commended to people with a gluten-intolerance. Moreover it is one of the old, traditional restaurants on the famous Vrijthof.