Using Maps & Databases

The purpose of this page is to explain the system in more detail. The main components are shown above.

The system is built around the functionality of Mapalist. This allows a database to be created as a Google Sheet (think of a large spreadsheet) with fields (columns) for geographical location such as latitude and longitude. It then allows such a database to be viewed on a map by using that location information.

In addition Mapalist allows a field in the database to be used as a link for further information on the place in question. We have used this functionality to created a set of web pages, one for each place, containing textual information, references, newspaper clippings, historical maps and photographs.

While viewing the map is the simplest and easiest way to browse the system, text-searching the associated web pages is also a useful method, for example if one is looking for all the places where a particular club played.

For complex searches and queries another more advanced technique is available, whereby the database can be filtered to only show specific information. If you think you might need such a technique, please contact Lindsay Scotland ( who would be very happy to help.