English/Welsh/Irish Places

This is the web page for the English, Irish & Welsh Curling Places map & database

Map search: This is the simplest way of accessing the system. See the map below. Pan and zoom to find the geographical area of interest. Selecting a place by clicking on a coloured dot will provide more detail for that place as well as a link to a separate informational Document for the selected place (note that this will appear in a separate browser tab). Note that:

  • Places in green have been located precisely but those in red have only an approximate location
  • Existing ice rinks are in blue, and old ice rinks (those that no longer exist or those that no longer curl) are in purple
  • Google Streetview is available (which can be useful for urban locations) and the map can be placed in 'satellite view’ as well as the standard 'map view'

See the Using Maps and Databases page for information on using the alternative Text Search Option

The English/Welsh/Irish Places Map:

(or, if you would prefer a larger full-page map, use the 'full screen' link below the map)