Project History

Initially, this effort was started by David Smith, who trawled through many old archives, annuals and minute books to create a list of Scottish Curling places. Starting in around 2009, this list was turned into a database and via that database into a map which contains links to both the map and the underlying database. Since then many more places have been added to the database, mostly through identification from newspaper archives and from 19th-century OS maps.

Latterly, this mapping exercise was expanded beyond Scotland, and a database & map for England was created. Subsequently a number of Welsh locations were uncovered, and recently a number of places in Ireland

Both of these activities are 'work in progress', and the content is continually being improved as more information comes to light.

Today the project team consists of:

  • Lindsay Scotland
  • Harold Forrester
  • Bob Cowan

We also have lots of helpers across the country whose input is extremely valuable in such places as the Borders, Fife, Dumfries, Stirling, England and Northern Ireland. However, we can always do with more help.

As of May 2019 the Sottish database consists of over 2600 places, while the English/Welsh/Irish database has around 250 places.

As of February 2020:

  • the Sottish database consists of over 2650 places, while the English/Welsh/Irish database has over 250 places.
  • The system was updated, replacing the previous informational web pages with Google Documents

Key on-line resource information for the project includes the following:

See the Helping Us page to see how you can contribute to the work of the project.