Historical Curling Places

Latest Update: November 2019 with 2 new English places and 18 new Scottish places

This site is dedicated to information on Historical Curling Places. It acts as a portal to 2 databases containing site data on identified places where curling took place at some point in the past along with their associated maps - one database/map for Scotland and the other for England/Wales/Ireland. There is a separate page on this site (see menu above) for each of those two databases/maps, but they both operate in exactly the same way.

When on either of these pages, there are 2 main ways of using the system:

  • The first method is to simply pan and zoom around the map, selecting a place of interest and following its link to discover more information via that place's associated web page
  • The second method is to perform a search on the associated web pages in order to find a place or places of interest.

A Curling Place is included in a database using the following criteria:

  • Either the place is marked as a Curling Pond on an old map
  • Or there is evidence of play there from a Minute Book, a newspaper article or a Royal Club Annual
  • Or there is oral evidence from a local source

For those wanting greater understanding, the system is described in more detail on the 'Using Maps & Databases' page.