Classic Local 205 Photos

Honor Guard (L-R) Sgt. Darren Powell, Ptlm. Rick Evans, Sgt. Bill Geary, Ptlm. Ted Lewis & Det. Jeff Vandergoot

Sgt. Jerry Noll (ret.) serves it up at the Somerset County 4-H Fair

Ptlm. Jim Maguire (1987)

Ptlm. Robert Tulner (ret.) in the 1970's

Cpl. Bob Tulner (ret.) handles the finances at one of our Annual Golf Outings

Santa Claus (aka Ptlm. Joe Ferrera, ret.) gets a hand from Hillsborough's Finest

Local #205 members participate in the Annual Torch Run for the Special Olympics

(L-R) Ptlm. Tom Laskowski (ret.) & Sgt. Freddy Heintz (ret.)(1970's)

(L-R) Chief Donald Dowches (ret.), former officer Jerry Robinson, Sgts. John Bittle (ret.), & Bill Miller (ret.)

(L-R) Ptlm. Chaz Boyle, Cpl. Bob Tulner (ret.), Cpl. John Sheridan (ret.), Det. Karen Hoelzel, Lt. Wayne Mikus (ret.) & Sgt. Stan Jaczuk (ret.) at Annual Golf Outing

(L-R) Hillsborough Officers Bob Flaherty, former officer Dan College, Trevor Oldenburg, Fran Mozgai, former officer Mark Fritsche, Paul Merkler, former officer Art Morrow, Pete Shulack (ret.), & Dave Delatour (ret.) prepare for Annual Torch Run

Hillsborough's first police chief, Art Stoveken (deceased)

(L-R) Ptlm. Mark Szymanski, Sgt. Paul Merkler, Ptlm. Rich Sellitsch & Ptlm. Russ Wilde at the Firemen's Fair

Chief Donald Dowches (ret.) (circa 1970)

(L-R) Hillsborough Officers John Carney, Trevor Oldenburg, Pat Murphy & Ken Pryor at Local #205 Annual Golf Outing

The standard by which we measure all prosecutors - the late Bill Patrick

(L-R) Sgt. Tom Laskowski (ret.), Ptlm. Fred Bobrowski (ret.), Kris Korsun (deceased) & Arnie Hodgson (ret.) (1977)

(L-R) Dets. Trevor Oldenburg, Jeff Vandergoot, SROs Rich Sellitsch, Hank Olsyk & Det./Cpl. Karen Hoelzel

Ptlm. Mark Szymanski with some of his DARE graduates

(L-R) Sgt. Tom Laskowski (ret.) & former officer Jim Biondi

(L-R) Lt. Vic Kubisch, Cpl. Ken Pryor & Det./Cpl. John Sheridan (ret.) deliver a little ice for the Golf Outing

Crossing school children at the Hillsborough School on Rt. 206 (1970's)

(L-R) Sgt. Bill Miller (ret.), Ptlm. Ralph Marsicano (ret.), Bob Agans (ret.) & Wayne Cherwinski (ret.) (1977)

(L-R) Sgt. Jerry Noll (ret.), Ptlm. Wayne Mikus (ret.), C.P. Staats (ret.) & Gregor Van Pelt (ret.) (1977)

(Center) S.R.O. Rich Sellitsch at the High School

(L-R) Dets. W.D. Scott (ret.), former Det. Al Payne, & Carl Genzel (ret.) (1977)

(L-R) Sgt. Tom Bittle (ret.), Ptlm. Joe Ferrera (ret.), former officer Tom Doyle & Stan Jaczuk (ret.) (1977)

The Traffic Bureau with its "low-profile" cars: (L-R) Ptlm. John Carney, Sgt. Paul Merkler, Ptlm. Mike McMahon & Ptlm. Mark Besser (1999)

(L-R) Sgt. Freddy Heintz (ret.), Ptlm. George Ferrera (ret.), former officer James Jankowitz & Bob Tulner (ret.) (1977)

(L-R) D.A.R.E. Officers Rob Fariello, former officer Kelly Howard & Sgt. Bill Geary