Hillsborough Township

PBA Local 205

PO Box 6359

Hillsborough, NJ 08844

The Hillsborough Township Policemen's Benevolent Association Local 205 is comprised of sworn police officers serving Hillsborough Township, New Jersey. Local 205 is a non-profit organization devoted to maintaining a safe and fair working environment for its members so that they may effectively serve the residents of the Township of Hillsborough. Please use this site as an opportunity to learn about our organization, as well as our activities within the community.

Local 205 was founded by members of the Hillsborough Township Police Department on December 8, 1970 in order to protect the interests of their brother officers and the community at large. Our brotherhood, consisting of over 50 officers is proud to take part in our community initiatives and protect those who live and work in the township.

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This website was last update on June 31, 2021.