In addition to its role as a labor union, PBA Local 205 prides itself on its reputation as a viable community organization. Our members have devoted themselves to the preservation of a high quality of life in Hillsborough Township, as well as the entire State of New Jersey. 

The members of our Local not only devote their professional lives to the protection of our citizens while at work, but continue to do so in their off time as well.  With your generously donated funds, PBA Local 205 will continue to have the ability to fulfill what we believe are many of our community responsibilities.


The members of our PBA are dedicated to keeping Hillsborough Township a safe, secure community, while continuing to provide the quality of life that you have come to know and expect. Through your charitable donations we have been able to give back by supporting many different youth related programs, as well as assisting those in need throughout our community. 

PBA sponsored programs are supported solely through our membership, and the generous donations of the residents and businesses of Hillsborough Township.


Hillsborough P.B.A. Local 205

P.O. BOX 6359, Hillsborough, NJ 08844


Venmo: @HillsboroughPBA205

PAYPAL: Link here 


Our fund drive solicitation can be expected to be mailed to our residents in the spring of each year, using our official P.B.A. Logo, letter head, and a return envelope using the same.

We do not solicit by telephone, door to door, or use a private company to solicit on our behalf. The practice of these types of solicitation IS NOT sanctioned by the New Jersey State Policeman’s Benevolent Association and is strongly opposed by this P.B.A.

Please contact us using the attached links on our CONTACT US page, or by phone at (908) 369-4323 BEFORE YOU DONATE if you believe the solicitation you received may be a scam.

The Fund Drive Mailers depicted here have been reported as being sent to our residents in attempt to solicit funds.

These ARE NOT supported by or mailed from the Hillsborough P.B.A.