Maguire Trip to Europe

August 2004

In August of 2004, one of our members, Jim Maguire, traveled to England and Ireland.  While he was there, he was given a tour of one of the southern Ireland "Garda" (Police) headquarters and did a 10 hour ride-along with the Norfolk Constabulary in Norfolk, England.  Here are some of the photos.  Many thanks to the officers of the Tullamore Garda (Ireland) and the Norfolk Constabulary (England), especially Sgt. Dave Cartwright who's courtesy and professionalism is exceeded only by our friendship.

Sgt. Dave Cartwright of the Norfolk Constabulary

Norfolk Constabulary's Communications Center in Wymondham, Norfolk

Norfolk Constabulary's Communications Center in Wymondham, Norfolk

Headquarters of the Metropolitan Police, New Scotland Yard, London

Security is tight around the New Scotland Yard building

At the end of my ride-along, Sgt. Cartwright presented me with a full dress uniform to take home

London Metropolitan Police Dept. vehicle

Bike Patrol officers in Dublin, Ireland

The Garda Station, Tullamore, Offaly, Ireland

Garda breathalyzer machine

Garda station jail cells

Interior of the jail cells

The Garda collect patches too - The patch to the right of the lower right corner of the picture on the wall is from the Summit, NJ Police Dept - Hillsborough's patch will now join them

Garda patrol vehicle - By regulation, all police vehicles in countries belonging to the European Union must be white in color

The Garda lounge area where the officers can relax - But there's a much more interesting piece of furniture in this Garda lounge...

...a fully stocked, fully function wet bar on wheels - The bar is usually set up in the station lounge area during the holidays