"Counselling with Heather has been the best thing I have ever done and I highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling. When I started seeing Heather I was completely lost, deeply depressed and did not feel like I could ever feel better. But in her calm, warm and intelligent way, she has helped me more than words can describe. I deal with things in a more positive way these days and see myself much more clearly than before and have also learned to be able to communicate better. I believe that speaking to someone who is trained to listen and help guide you to a better place is an invaluable experience for anyone."

"My counselling experience with Heather was life changing. I arrived a broken man but over 16 months Heather helped to rebuild my life and provide a stable, safe environment for me to work through my problems. I found Heather to be a very honest, engaging, effective and highly professional counsellor. Without Heather's input I wouldn't be iner the position I am today and can't thank her enough."

"Heather is a fantastic counsellor: she is supportive, a great listener and helped me through an extremely stressful time. I've come out the other end and I can't thank her enough. I'd recommend her without a doubt if you need any support at any time in your life."

"I am happier in my own skin and hope to fulfill my potential.....thank you very much for all you have helped with with - i know you will say i did it myself!"

"thank you for helping me feel stronger and braver, as well as feeling I can be softer and kinder to myself, that I'm normal and not alone. You've helped me to think about things in different ways and I feel so much more positive and stronger...."