About Me

Over the last eleven years I have established a successful Private Practice in Plymouth, working with people who are seeking help with a broad range of issues. I am an Integrative Therapist, Accredited and Registered with the BACP, offering short term (6-12 weeks), long term (6-12 months) or open-ended therapy (the end date is negotiated during the course of the work). i am currently offering video call sessions.


I was employed in the NHS for twenty five years, initially as a Mental Health Nurse and latterly as a therapist. I have worked in a variety of contexts, including Mental Health Services, Day Therapy Centres, GP Practices, a Youth Agency, and a Psychotherapy Department. Throughout this time I engaged with people individually and in group contexts, paying attention to their life stories and experiences, rather than diagnosis.

I have over thirty years experience of working with people regarding their psychological health and bring a range of experiences and skills into my current practice.


Much of the work I have been engaged in has focussed on the impact of trauma and abuse on mental health and wellbeing, and the creative ways in which people manage painful experiences. I developed a model of group-work to support women who had survived childhood sexual abuse and were struggling to deal with their experiences. I believe it is important for women to have a safe space to connect with others. I was involved in a national training programme with the Department of Health looking at how to create services that are sensitive to people's trauma.

I have trained in holistic therapies, including massage, aromatherapy, reflexology and reiki. I bring an holistic approach to therapy, which considers how emotions can be held and expressed in the body.

I am aware how we experience various inequalities, such as gender, race, class, disability, for example, and the impact these have on how we experience ourselves and others in the world. This led to me becoming a trainer with the Inequality Agenda. I intend to hold a mindful awareness of these issues during therapy.

"If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be." - Maya Angelou