This depository of Hartford Audubon related documents was collected, stored on OneDrive, and presented here with Google Sites by Fred Nowak.

HAS Archive

The calendar below is an embedded (live) page from the website.

Library Website Development Not Continuing

November 5, 2010, HASnotes announced a new sister website called HASmember. That site is now called HAS Library. Since its beginning the goal of the site has been to collect all current HAS documents and as many historical documents as possible and to present them in a highly organized and insightful fashion. Since its inception, efforts to improve the website with feature enhancements and an expansion of the breadth and timeliness of the document collection has remained the focus.

But things end...

In order to lessen the effort required to maintain the HAS Library, the goals are being relaxed. Beginning February 22, 2020, development of the website slowed. By January 26, 200 it stopped. Document collection is not stopping but will be limited to items readily available. Read more.

HAS Library is maintained, owned, and freely shared with all by Fred Nowak.