Kaleidoscopic Pinwheel Images

Kaleidoscopic Pinwheel Images

There is a kaleidoscopic, puzzle-like aspect to my images that make them engaging. For me, a photograph is a building block. I edit, duplicate and rotate a photograph to create a constructed image composed of many copies of the original photograph. The images evoke pinwheels, kaleidoscopes, mandalas and ammonites. They encourage the viewer to delight in the repetition and patterns revealed in the constructed image.

The process of creating my digital images is, at its heart, experimental. I use a photograph I have taken of a building, an art object or landscape and edit the image. Then I repeat and rotate the image.The patterns evolve as the image is copied, repeated and rotated. I take great pleasure in seeing a constructed image evolve and come into being. When the circle is complete, I once again experiment with different ways to “finish” the image. I may rotate the image or edit different layers in the image to reveal a different aspect of the constructed image. I may also copy the “pinwheel” and rotate it so that it reflects and/or doubles the original image.