Flora, 1

I have been creating floral images since 2018. The source photographs for these images range from actual flowers to fields of flowers to autumn foliage to the Hudson River. Sunflower Flower’s source photograph is a photo of a field of sunflowers in southern France. Red Mum repeats one mum flower in three concentric rings. Rhododendron is obviously a rhododendron but if you look closely you will see that the original photo was taken on a rainy day.

Sunflower Flower, 2018

Black Eyed Susans, September, 2019

Red Mum, Kenwood House, London, September, 2019

Olana Tree Flower, 2018

Tree Sky Flower, 2018

Bouquet, November, 2019

Wordsworth Bench Flower, 2018

Pink Flower, Kenwood House, London, September, 2019

Boustead Hill Flowers, November, 2019