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One of my non-manipulated photographs was accepted by on January 8, 2019 The image is posted to their website and in their daily email.[UNIQID]

Wendy Born Hollander Interview of Harold Olejarz, Art & Technology teacher. October 14, 2008. This interview was done by Wendy Born Hollander for a class at Montclair State University. The questions were written by Dr. Dorothy Heard

When a Man and His Art Become One - The New York Times

For Harold Olejarz, an artist who literally puts himself into his work, it was just another afternoon on the job. A resident of this Bergen County community September 23, 1990 - By PATRICIA MALARCHER

Harold Olejarz - Life Imitates Art by Richard Martin - This essay was written by Richard Martin in 1989 as an introduction to a book of images and text on my performances as living sculpture. The book was never published. I plan to create a web version in the future.

40 Artists Explore the Meaning of Disguise in Hastings Show - The New York Times

Nevertheless, the mask form is as old as art itself and most of the 40 artists here rise to the occasion, especially Harold Olejarz, in his ''Cedar Man.

December 31, 1989 - By VIVIEN RAYNOR

Reporter's Notebook; Traffic Is Heavy on the Art Auction Route - The New York Times

The man identified himself as Harold Olejarz, a sculptor and performance artist from Tenafly, N.J., and said he made a living driving a limousine. ...November 15, 1988 - By RITA REIF