Homage, 2


I work with my photographs of the works of artists that I admire. The photographs are edited. Then, I use an algorithm to repeat and rotate the edited image. The resulting digital collages are abstractions that distill and reshape the work of the artists I have chosen. The emphasis, in my work, is placed on the repetition of shapes to create new relationships within images. The result is an "abstracted" image that refers back to the original artwork, but still exists as its own abstraction.

Homage to James Ensor, (The Intrigue, 1890) February, 2020

Homage to Al Held, 2018

Homage to Jackson Pollock, 2018

Homage to Malevich, 2018

Homage to Piranesi - Harold Olejarz, 2019

Homage to Lee Bontecou, 2019

Homage to Bust of Cardinal Bellarmino by Gian Lorenzo Bernini - Harold Olejarz, 2018

Homage to Etruscan Portrait Head, 2, Early 1st Century BC, 2018

After Roman Marble Head of a God, Early 2nd Century, 2018

Homage to Fra Carnevale, Birth of Virgin, 1467 MMA, 2018