July 2019

Our lab is growing ...

Three of our applicants were successful in getting their grants!

Rikesh will join us in fall as a Postdoc in a joint CenTuri project with the team of Tam Mignot at LCB. Maria Mandela will join us also as a CenTuri postdoc in a collaborative project with the team of Andre le Bivic from IBDM.

Paul will join us in fall as a PhD student after having successfully applied for a PhD fellowship from the AMU university.

Congratulations to our three newcomers and we are looking forward to having them in our team!

June 2019

Celebrating successful thesis defence of our 5 Bioinformatics DLAD Master students ...

All our Master students, Elissar and Melina (both M1), as well as Alexandre, Nathanael and Paul (M2) have successfully defended their theses.

Congratulations to all of you!!

We wish them a lot of success for all their future endeavors!

And thanks for all the nice food today ...

June 2019

Welcome Maxime ...

Maxime is joining our team in June 2019. He is a shared Postdoc of the CenTuri program. In a collaboration with Alain Barrat from the CPT and Laurent Tichit from the I2M he will work on complex networks in biology.

May 2019

mitoXplorer paper submitted ...

We submitted mitoXplorer for peer review last week!

Find the bioRxiv version of our manuscript here:

the link to the mitoXplorer web-tool:

the link to the gitlab repository:

January 2019

Master student time ...

Our team is breaking the record in the Institute: we host 6 Master students this year, 3 M1 students (Elissar, Melina and Kamilya) and 3 M2 students (Alexandre, Nathanael and Paul).

5 pursue the Aix-Marseille Bioinformatics Master for Software Development and Data Analysis (DLAD: