Software from our lab


mitoXplorer is a visual data mining platform for exploring the dynamics of mitochondrial gene expression in a vast amount of NGS-data


AnnoMiner allows you to annotate ChIP-seq data and to perform enrichment analysis using the ENCODE/modERN resources


HH-MOTiF finds short linear motifs (SLiMs) de novo in proteins using Hidden Markov Model (HMM) comparisons


morFeus finds remotely conserved orthologs based on iterative, relaxed, reciprocal BLAST searches and network scoring


RNfuzzyApp is a R-shiny app for the differential expression and time-course analysis of RNA-seq data.


Phasik is a novel method based on temporal network clustering to extract phases from temporal, biological data (such as time-course expression data).


TimeNexus is a Cytoscape app that allows users to extract 'active' pathways across a temporal expression data set by using temporal multilayer networks.


SLiMS-TITAN is a pipeline to analyze protein motif evolution in a protein structural context.


SLALOM is a suite of python programs for statistical analysis based on positional data in proteins and genomes

viPEr / PEANuT

viPEr and PEANuT are two Cytoscape 3 apps for focus network analysis


HMMerThread is a data-resource of remotely conserved domains in protein sequences

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