We are indebted to a number of funding sources and Institutions, without which we could not carry out our work. Note: the funding bodies had no role in the design of our projects or in the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data.

We are most grateful to the Max Planck Society and the CNRS for supporting our work throughout the years by funding positions and equipment.

We are thankful to the ANR for funding our research. Currently, we have two PhD positions funded by the ANR:

1. MyoChronic is a collaborative research project by the ANR, which we hold together with the group of Aziz Moqrich (IBDM).

2. MITO-DYNAMICS is a collaborative research project, which we hold together with the groups of Frank Schnorrer (IBDM), Alice Carrier (CRCM) and Benoit Giannesini (CRMBM). Please visit our MITO-DYNAMICS web-site.

We are thankful to the CenTuri network for financing some of our research.

We are thankful to the AMIDEX for financing our start in Marseille with a start-up package of 50.000 € for a year.

We are thankful to the IFB for supporting part of our work.

Over the years in Germany, we were awarded a number of research projects from the BMBF, the DFG and also the EU. The projects included



3. NGS goes HPC (BMBF)

4. Sealife (EU)

5. CancerSysDB (DFG)