Lethal Letters: Another Victim, Cops Crack the Code

Monday 11 November 2019Stacey LerouxEditor in Chief, Weazel News

LOS SANTOS -- This article is a follow up from the original "Developing: Lethal Letters" story. Although little time has passed, a lot has happened. Last night Weazel News received another photograph from the mysterious killer of a woman murdered in a dimly lit room.

The victim has yet to be identified by the LSPD but they have confirmed to Weazel News that they have made developments on the case. Our sources within the police department have informed us that Chief Kris Bravo considers this to be a serious concern for the LSPD and has been looking into it personally alongside Assistant Chief Tommy Lande.

In a brief interview with the Chief, he confirmed that they have identified the encryption methods used by the assailant. The messenger has been using disturbing language in the letters. We were able to retrieve these quotes from the LSPD:

"You will feel the warmth of my soul as I use the warmth of your blood to sustain me. Embrace me, and I shall consume you. ... was really flabby meat. But it was a delicacy that I was happy to eat. Next on our agenda is a greasy blonde.

The Chief would not speculate on any psychological traits of the killer. We believe that the individual is cannibalistic and may not be working alone. They are almost certainly a sociopath and as of yet there is no particular 'type' of individual they are hunting.

If you match the description "greasy blonde", we advise seeking shelter and alerting the police. We are looking at you, Candy and Cassi. Definitely not Stacey.

Be safe citizens of Los Santos. Be sure to report to your nearest police department if you have any information which can help in the investigation.