Legion Under Siege! Banks and Boats No Longer Afloat!

Thursday 21 November 2019Stacey LerouxEditor in Chief

Infrastructure Boom!

LOS SANTOS -- The Governor of San Andres has recently announced the new construction budget we have all been waiting for. For Los Santos, we are getting the infrastructure upgrades we need to remain a competitive city. The state has announced a $1 billion budget for the city of Los Santos.

One of the largest projects the state is investing in is new parking garages across the city. We recently saw the completion of the San Andres Avenue Parking Lot and now it is time for a town-favourite, Legion Square Garage, to get a necessary facelift.

For months the parking lot has deteriorated due to the high volume of vehicular traffic every day. Mayor Laslold could not be reached for comment on the construction projects.

Image: Ongoing construction at Legion Square Garage.Photo Credit: Axel Dixson. Acquired from GroveGram

Crisis at the Pacific Standard Bank

For a long time, the Pacific Standard Bank was known for its questionable security detail. After losing tens of millions in theft over the last year, the Bank announced new security systems to combat the heist crisis. But, as expected, the burglars have outsmarted our city's finest bankers yet again!

Image: The north-east entrance of the Pacific Standard Bank.Photo Credit: Jessie Barr, Weazel News.

In an interview with Captain Doby Lerone of the LSPD, we uncovered some information regarding the spike in armed robberies. Captain Lerone was present at the first heist since the increase in security.

As we suspected, organized criminals have found a way to override the bank's security system. Gone are the days of the small arduino, individuals are reported to have been using "hacking computers to access the bank's mainframe," reported Lerone.

The LSPD have apprehended at least one individual present at the initial heist, but it was costly for Los Santos' finest. Lerone regrets to inform the Weazel News audience that three officers died in the shootout yesterday. Lerone did not share the names of these officers as they are currently "contacting their loved ones to break the sad news to them."

Climate Change and Capsizing Moments in Los Santos

Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Los Santos -- Recent weather fluctuations have resulted in the sinking of several vessels in recent days. Survivors suggest the heavy smog surrounding the city clouded their vision as they entered port before a terrible storm turned them around, resulting in a hull breach.

Image: A capsized vessel off the west coast of Los Santos.Photo Credit: Tobias Turner, Weazel News, R.I.P.

Officials from the U.S. Coast Guard have asked curious citizens to stay away from the sunken vessels at this time. Sources for the Weazel News tell us there was rather valuable cargo onboard these ships prior to capsizing.

The U.S.C.G. is working closely with partners in the LSPD and SASP to recover the lost items. Unfortunately, there have also been increasing reports of sharks in the region. We would like to take this moment to mourn the loss of Tobias Turner, an investigator for the Weazel News, who did not make it back in one piece to gather that information.

In other news, local authorities tell us it is perfect weather to participate in the fair at the Del Perro Pier!