$40/hr or $200 for a six-hour day. This includes recording time and any/all personnel, and all equipment. It also includes any secure electronic sharing/uploading of data, preview mixes, etc. If you wish to have audio/data CD's made, they will be done at an additional $2/disc. This applies to any time of day.

Mixing and Editing:

$60/song. This is really quite a deal given that I typically spend a few hours on each song. Most studios charge their usual rate for mixing time. *see possible discounts below*


Note that I will mix the first three tracks for free. So, if you simply come in and sing a vocal and a single harmony over an existing instrumental track, that would be three tracks. (Two vocal tracks plus the track you bring in). For songs that are six tracks or less, I will charge half price... $30.

Voice-Overs and ADR:

These projects vary so widely, please contact for a quote.


If all you want is compression and limiting at the end for that final polish and volume push, I include that in the mixing price. For an actual mastering job, I charge $15/song.