Get Your Song Recorded by our Studio Musicians!

Do you have a great song, but no way to get it out there?

Did you know that hits by The Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, The Ronettes and Frank Sinatra and Glen Campbell were all recorded by the same core group of musicians? People would have great songs, but might not have the musicians available to play them when they needed them. So, this band, known as “The Wrecking Crew” played on tons of hit recordings. There are many other examples of great songs seeing the light of day being done in this way.

We have a varied team of versatile musicians and singers with extensive stage and studio experience who are ready to make your song happen. We will deliver a professionally performed version of your song, recorded to a radio-ready standard consistent with what you currently hear on this website.

All you need to do is to provide me with is the lyrics and melody of your song, along with some guidance regarding how you envision the song sounding. I will be happy to meet with you to make a mock-up recording of the song so that we can provide our studio musicians with as clear a direction as possible. This meeting session would be included in the final cost and would not be at extra expense. The more clear we can make the goals of your song to the studio musicians, the happier you will be with the final product.

You keep all rights to the composition of the song and to the master recording. We are not trading ownership or co-ownership of the song for our service.

The base price for this is $1000/song. This includes:

  • pre-production meeting to help envision the song
  • A four-piece band of studio musicians.
  • The recording time, and associated costs - mixing, etc.
  • Electronic delivery of your final master and a project folder with the individual tracks.

The price may vary based on the number of musicians required to complete your song. Basically, it breaks down to $200 per studio musician and $200 for the recording.

Please note that actual songwriting is NOT a service we are offering. We expect that the words and melody will be prepared in advance of the pre-production meeting.