Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How much time should I book?

Hopefully you have read my advice before booking. With that in mind, if you are making a demo to give to clubs for bookings, or a personal record of what your project sounded like at a certain time, then you will obviously not sweat too hard nor too long over too small a detail. Assuming a certain level of preparedness, I would allow a day for 2-3 songs. Some bands do more. If you want to release your recording for sale, then you'll want to spend more time and make it better. The end result is worth it... to a point. After a certain amount of time, you can keep chipping at it, but it won't get much better. Assuming a certain amount of preparedness again, I would allow two days for a 2-3 song demo. Some bands have taken longer.

2. Where are you located?

I am in Westdale near Princess Point and McMaster University.

3. Can you use or create ProTools compatable files?

The short answer is yes. I use Cubase Pro-10, which cannot import ProTools files directly. However, ProTools can save projects in the OMF format, which Cubase can open. Similarly, ProTools cannot open a Cubase file, but I can save your project in OMF format, which can be imported into ProTools.

4. Why not just use ProTools?

I have used ProTools, and won't try to discredit it. It is a great piece of software. The range of third-party plugins for instruments and effects is far more expansive for Cubase. Having used both platforms, I have yet to see an area where ProTools excels over Cubase. Cubase has the added bonus of more flexibility to customize workflow than ProTools.

5. Mac or PC?

I use a PC because I can fix them myself. My knowledge of hardware and software allows me to have practically no downtime, so artists don't have to wait days for a tech to fix the computer. That said, if you have files done on a Mac (typically, AIFF files), Cubase will work with them just fine. Similarly, if you take your project to a Mac computer, Cubase will work with .wav files just fine.

6. Can you transfer records, tapes, etc. onto CD?


7. Can you make me a karaoke track without vocals from an existing recording?

The short answer is yes. The quality of vocal removal depends on a lot of things outside of my control. (ie. how the track was recorded and mixed in the first place) Usually these wind up being very useable, and take a minimum amount of time.

8. Why are you so inexpensive?

Two reasons... 1. I am a musician myself, and like to help other musicians. 2. This studio is a hobby for me. I am good at it, but do not rely on it as a source of income. Basically what you pay me is compensation for my time. I own the gear, have no staff, etc. for overhead, and just like to do it.

9. Do you have any opportunities for me to do an internship at your studio?

No. For an internship to be valuable, you should really get into a fully pro studio. However, I'm always willing to talk shop, so feel free to contact me and I'll tell you what I can. If I get a sense that you are sincere, I'll probably agree to have you come down