About Me:

Chris Tondreau (B. Mus., B. Ed., H. Spec.), the operator of the studio, has an extensive musical background. Trained as a classical guitarist at McMaster University, he has also played in a variety of bands, including nearly as many styles as you can think of. Chris is also willing and able to provide guitar, bass, backing vocals, and some sequencing to your tracks. Although not formally trained in recording engineering, the quality of work produced at Green Room Recording speaks for itself. Phone or email to arrange a free consultation, listening session, and/or previewing appointment.

My approach to recording is very simple - find out what the artist wants, and do my best to give it to them the best way I can. I use a very "hands off" approach. Though I will be happy to offer suggestions, you won't be told how to play your parts, or what sounds to use, etc., unless you ask for my input. You are the boss. You know better than anyone how you want the end product to sound. You do your best to tell me what it is, and I'll do my best to get it there.