GPYC Etiquette

1. Please check your syllabus to see when sessions start and make sure that you are at the ice rink in good time.

2. Please be in the hack ready to play your shot. 8 ends should be a minimum target per game.

3. Please stand to the side and between the hoglines when the opposition are playing their shots.

4. Skips and Thirds can stand quietly behind the opposition skip when the other team are playing.

5. Please do not bang your brush on the ice!

6. Tidy and arrange the stones at the end of the match.

7. No-one tries to play badly – encourage your team mates!

8. Club curling should be fun. Have a drink with your opposition after the game.

Play to the bell!

Remember that ‘ends won’ count towards your final league position, so always play to the bell.

Games can’t be conceded – it is not fair to other teams in the leagues, nor to players for whom GPYC is their only curling.