Gnome Adoption Society of the Monadnocks


Ask any gnome and they will tell you that the Monadnock area is a wonderful place to live, and it is. Except when you have no home, nowhere to keep warm, nowhere to wash, nowhere safe to sleep, no permanent address. Our gnomes have been in this position and have asked us to support homeless shelters in the Monadnock region. To that end, the gnomes have asked us to donate all adoption fee profit to local shelters.

We will be donating all of our profits from Gnome adoption fees to be split between MATS and Shelter From The Storm

Dag Arvidson

Dag Arvidson, Director

A word of welcome from our director "Velkommen!"

Dag Arvidson is the Director of the Gnome Adoption Society of the Monadnocks (GASM) and a certified Nisse Hesse (Gnome Master)

(This site was composed by Bryan Field, Dag is 89 and doesn't do tech.)

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Dag's Story, Discovery of the Gnomes of Monadnock

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Activities at the Adoption Center

Here are a few of our Gnomes enjoying a relaxing savasana during one of our daily yoga sessions.

The GASM Chorus

Members enjoying the weekly rehearsal of the Monadnock Gnome Chorus