The Greater Memphis Music Teachers Association is an affiliate of the

Membership and Dues

Professional Membership

Active membership is open to all persons professionally engaged in any field of music teaching. Active members may participate in all activities of the Association, vote, and hold office.

Local: $10.00

State: $30.00

National: $77.00

TOTAL: $117.00

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Student Membership

Student membership is open to all full-time college music students. Student member are entitled to attend programs of the association upon payment of the registration fee and receive the official association publications. Student membership year begins October 1, and ends September 30 of the next year.

Local: $1.00

State $2.00

National: $17.00

Total: $20.00


Independent Music Teachers Forum

IMTF is a committee of MTNA devoted to the advancement of certification of music teachers and accreditation for students. It seeks to improve the image of the private music teacher, the relationship between parents and teachers, and the quality of professionalism in the field of private music teaching.


Tennessee Music Teacher, TMTA Quarterly Newsletter

American Music Teacher, Official Bimonthly MTNA Journal

MTNA e-journal, Online Publication

Scholarship and Endowment Funds

MTNA Scholarship Foundation: an endowment fund for MTNA students, used to pay awards, grants and travel expenses involved in audition participation.

TMTA Scholarship Awards Endowment Fund: an endowment fund used to grant awards to winners in Tennessee State Auditions.

Biesiot Endowment Fund: an endowment fund established in memory of Jacque Biesiot. The interest on this fund is used to fund special projects, as determined by the Biesiot Fund Trustees and Executive Board.