Instructions to Download a Truetone Ringtone

The original ringtones were monophonic (single tone) sounds and music.

Full music and voice were not possible to create as ringtones. A "truetone" is a polyphonic ringtone that has been encoded as in the MP3, AAC, or WMA audio format. Truetone is also called "mastertone" and "realtone."

  • Download the MP3 truetone to your computer

  • Connect your cell phone to your computer using a USB cable or a wireless Bluetooth connection.

  • Download the truetone according to the instructions that came with your telephone.

  • Or go to wikihow.com and search for "download rington" for lots of advice.


SmokeySongTruetone.mp3 (135 kb)

SmokeyVoiceTruetone.mp3 (67 kb)


Smokey Bear Truetone Script Smokey: “Only you can prevent wildfires. Answer the call.”